A wide range of insulated doors for any of the cold chain applications.


At SAI COND, we offer a wide range of insulated doors for any of the cold chain applications.

It is important to choose the right type of insulated doors especially in enhancing energy saving and workload in the cold-room.

We would be happy to advise our customer on the correct solutions and also able to customise our doors based on the customer’s need.(12”).


Type of Cold-room Insulated Doors (Manual/ Automatic):

Insulated Swing Door (Single / Double Leaf)

Insulated Sliding Door (Single / Double Leaf)

Electrical Automatic Sliding Door

Insulated Clean Room Flush Door

Insulated Flexible Swing Door c/w half glass (Single / Double Leaf)

Emergency Exit Swing Door c/w Panic Exit Device (Single / Double Leaf)

Sectional Door (Overhead Type)

Electrical Auto & Mechanical Operator Vertical Insulated High-Speed Sectional Door

High-Speed Roll Fast Door

HFG 3000 High Speed Roller Spiral Door

High Speed Folded Pile Up Door

Freezer Grade Roll Fast Door

L&H Speed Rolling Shutter Door c/w Electrical Motor Control Switch

In addition, we can also supply:

Dock Leveller

Dock Shelter

Dock Seal

Dock Leveller, Dock Shelter and Dock Seal are well used in preventing energy loss around or through the loading dock. This can be achieved by reducing the warehouse cold air from escaping as much as possible whenever the dock doors are opened and also reducing outside hot air infiltrate the room.