Simple and rapid installation with camlock system for all panel joint, integrated refrigeration unit, built in lighting system and 4-tiers durable shelving with antimicrobial coating. The unit also can be dismantled easily if required.


All type of temperature-controlled goods such as meat, vegetables, seafood, medicine, flowers and etc require cold room storage to slow down their deterioration and preserve them as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

However, the space to store these perishable products has always been a challenge of sorts. SAI COND is now offering an impressive type of energy efficient cold room which combined both refrigeration technologies and traditional solutions, known as VELOXCOLD Series Cold room that fit any needs and to suit even the most unique environment.


SAICOND’s VELOXCOLD Series Cold Room is divided into 7 models: A02P-V2 to G29P-V2 for Chiller Room (from +0 to +5°C with maximum room internal volume 28.8m³) and A02N-V2 to G29N-V2 for Freezer room (from -18°C to -20°C with maximum room internal volume 28.8m³).

All models are built around an excellent thermal performance 100mm thickness of Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panel with built-in corrosive-resistant nylon cam-locking system.

Not only that, the SAICOND VeloxCold Series Coldroom is equipped with self-contained refrigeration unit, designed for easy as plug and play and no external pipe work required, which is very convenient to operate and provide versatile solutions for commercial applications.


Reliable and highly energy efficient solutions

Leading refrigeration technology

Easy Accessibility

Easy and Fast Installation

Room lighting and 4 tier shelving on all units

Perfect solution to optimize space for room layout




Frozen Foods, meat, vegetables, beverages, dairy production

Bazaar, Restaurant and Hotels

Medical and Pharmaceutical processing

Hospital or Blood Banks

Florist and Agricultural product processing

Chemical product cooling & etc.