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PU insulated panel is also called Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panel in which polyurethane foam is been sandwiched between the two-outer finishing.

SAI COND’s CFC and HCFC-free insulated PU panels are an ideal insulator which has been widely used for low and high temperature controlled applications like chiller, freezer and clean room due to its excellent chemical, biological properties as well its hygienic characteristic.

Insulation Material Polyurethane Foam
Panel Thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm
Standard Width 1.175 meters
Length Maximum up to 12 meters
Standard Cladding Martial Laminated pre-painted galvanized (white) sheet (0.5mm)
Other Cladding Material Available
  • Stainless Steel Sheet [0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm (2B304/ 2B316)]
  • Aluminium Chequered Plate
  • Marine Plywood
Assembly Tongue & Groove
Joining / Locking Mechanism Fully Camlock / Semi Camlock System
Core Material Density 45±2[kg/m³]
Thermal Conductivity 22 - 24 [mW / mK]


High performance thermal insulation

Structural stabilisation

Easy and fast Installation


Equipped with durable & corrosive-resistant nylon ‘cam-lock-system

Humidity, Mold and Corrosion resistance


SAI COND PU insulated panels are available in customized sizes and are composed of 3 layers, the internal and external finishing is two dyed Galvanized (White) Colourbond or Stainless-Steel, and core high density Polyurethane foam. The skins of the panels are bonded to varying core thickness according to the specifications of customers.

The sizes of SAI COND PU insulated panel is highly customizable according to the customer’s needs, the maximum length is up to 12 meters, the standard width is 1.175 meters, the available thickness can be made from 50mm to 200mm.


SAI COND PU insulated panels has the advantages of fast and easy installation as they are connected by means of tongue and groove joints system which utilizes the built-in cam-locking mechanism to achieve superior tightness and insulation.

All the SAICOND insulated panels are connected together in required lengths by a specially designed corrosive-resistant nylon camlock system which provide the following advantages in cold room applications:

Ensure high heat resistance and corrosive-resistant


Provide excellent combination of rigidity and toughness

Provide excellent combination of rigidity and toughnessEasy and Fast Coldroom Installation


SAI COND PU Insulated Sandwich Panels installed vertically or horizontally and are commonly used for commercial and industrial applications.

From food processing industries to medical and pharmaceutical industrial and etc, PU Panel has preferred increasingly day by day by our customers as a durable and economic solutions for their applications.

Food Industry Facilities

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

Warehouses and Logistic Centres

Chemical Industries

Agriculture and Husbandry Industries

Marine & Offshore Industries

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