Refrigeration System Solutions

With our vast range of products available, SAI COND are also able to supply our customers with refrigeration equipment required for the construction of cold storage rooms.


Robust design with highly efficient semi hermetic reciprocating Bitzer Ecoline compressor

Design for Malaysia tropical climate and other country with high ambient temperature

Ease of use and installation with comprehensive components as standard package

Optimally coordinated component make it perfectly suite for low and medium temperature application

Build for use with low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depleting substance refrigerant

Further energy saving potential with the use of specially developed frequency inverters

Possible advanced electronic modules integration that offer data logging, capacity regulation and accessories actuation

Available Model:

WBZ M 22.70 CA 13.49
WBZ M 26.80 CA 15.23
WBZ M 32.50 CA 19.23
WBZ M 41.30 CA 23.8
WBZ M 48.50 CA 27
WBZ M 56.20 CA 33.3
WBZ M 73.70 CA 44.4
WBZ M 84.60 CA 49.2
WBZ M 101.80 CA 58.1

Note: Cooling Capacity(kW) based on Te: -5 °C / Tambient: +35 °C / R404a / 10K superheat / 3K subcool

WBZ L 26.80 CA 6.55
WBZ L 32.50 CA 7.85
WBZ L 34.70 CA 9.86
WBZ L 48.50 CA 10.68
WBZ L 56.20 CA 13.08
WBZ L 73.70 CA 18.56
WBZ L 84.50 CA 21
WBZ L 101.80 CA 25.4
WBZ L 126.80 CA 31.7

Note: Cooling Capacity(kW) based on Te: -25 °C / Tambient: +35 °C / R404a / 10K superheat / 3K subcool


A suitable and perfect for the application will be offered alongside with selection of condensing unit

Defrost; air defrost or electrical heating

For freezer, condensate drainage piping heater will be offered

Complete with expansion valve, thermostatic or electronic depending on compressor selection


Wall mounting and powder coated steel enclosure

Control system management is performed by electronic controller Carel IR33+

Compressor starter is DOL starter or part winding with adequate protection device depending on compressor

Evaporator fan and condenser fan DOL starter

General LED indicator: incoming power supply, run and fault indicator


Cold room data logger for temperature monitoring with remote access (internet connection required)

Trapped personnel alarm kit with sound beacon and light

ACCU system scheduling and auto switch over control

*Please take note that the above products can be sold separately or in a complete refrigeration system package.